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Venture Debt Market

Our service helps companies find $1 million to $10 million of non-dilutive capital to facilitate growth and other goals:

  • Working capital
  • Product development
  • Sales & marketing
  • Equipment purchases
  • Facility expansion
  • Recapitalization
  • Acquisition financing
  • Partner buyout

Why Do CEOs and CFOs Use Find Venture Debt?




  • Find Venture Debt Logo
  • Fast, easy and low cost solution

    Access to 400+ lenders in our marketplace

    Services and fees tailored to meet your specific needs

    Excellent supplement to efforts by CEO/CFO and board members
  • Lacks full range of services offered by investment banking firms
  • Do-it-yourself (DIY)
  • Free, hands-on approach
  • Time-consuming and difficult to research venture debt landscape, select potential lenders, and reach out with cold emails and cold calls
  • List of lenders entirely dependent on management and board members' knowledge and relationships; result may be adequate but not optimal
  • Hire full-service
    investment bank
  • Full-service, turnkey solution

    Access to market knowledge and relationships

    Assistance with structuring and negotiating the transaction
  • Expensive -- reduces funds available for product development or sales & marketing

    Time-consuming if investment bank implements broad-based marketing effort rather than targeted approach

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Utilizing Debt in Your Corporate Finance Strategy

Venture debt lenders provide non-dilutive funding and minimally dilutive funding for technology and growth companies, which can help you achieve many financing goals:

-  Extend your cash runway;
-  Accelerate growth;
-  Minimize equity dilution;
-  Maintain control of your business; and
-  Lower your weighted average cost of capital (WACC).

Our goal is to help you better understand this important source of non-dilutive growth capital. Lenders, investment bankers, attorneys, venture capitalists, journalists and others have written extensively about venture debt. However, few have described it in the context of the overall debt market.

Financing innovations such as the MRR line of credit (based on monthly recurring revenue) and revenue-based financing have broadened the pool of qualified borrowers. In addition, the entry of business development companies (BDC), hedge funds, and other institutional investors into the market have increased the pool of available capital.

This expansion has been so broad that the term "venture debt" and its common definitions are too narrow. As a result, some industry participants and observers have replaced it with the term "growth debt."

We agree that "growth debt" has become more appropriate as the market has evolved. However, we continue to use "venture debt" as an umbrella term since it's more commonly recognized by both lenders and borrowers.

In addition to placing venture lending within a broader context, we are developing a broad array of use case examples to help you quickly and easily determine the types of loans and lenders that are the "best fit" for your unique situation.