Our Services

Find Venture Debt helps technology companies raise debt financing

  • Provide market knowledge and transaction expertise to companies raising $1 million to $25 million
  • Manage focused and efficient process
  • Maximize probability of successful financing
  • Create competition among lenders

Who does Find Venture Debt help?

Technology and growth companies (VC & Non-VC backed)

  • Determine type of debt that is best fit
  • Connect with lenders that are best fit
  • Term sheet analysis
  • Financial modeling

Venture capitalists and private equity firms

  • Help portfolio company management teams spend more time building their companies rather than raising debt
  • Enhance your equity returns by helping your portfolio companies access low cost capital

Law firms, accounting firms and other service providers

  • Build your relationships with current and potential clients by helping them access non-dilutive and minimally-dilutive funding


  • Build brand awareness in venture debt market
  • Connect with pre-screened borrowers

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